Estate PlanningPlanning For The Future & Avoiding Probate Battles

The sad reality is that amidst all of the heartbreak a family will endure upon the passing of a loved one, that the grief often becomes a legal challenge as well.

Without a properly laid out Estate Plan, disputes over certain properties can take months or even years to resolve. The state has no onus to preserve the estate’s assets or to serve the family in the probate process, leaving your legacy in the hands of the state.

Determine Your Own Legacy with an Estate Plan

An estate plan is a legal structure that can prevent drawn out probate court processes and unwelcome expenses. A well thought out estate plan utilizes a number of strategies including the use of specified trusts, life gifts, tenancy arrangements for property, life insurance and more to prevent excessive estate taxes as the estate passes to its heirs.

Who Should Establish an Estate Plan?

An individual who has people in their life who depend on them – or who they care for very much, would benefit from an estate plan. Without one – incapacitation or death becomes a long, legal burden for those loved ones. Estate plans are often perceived as necessary for the rich or the elderly. Neither of these factors make you more or less worthy of a plan that will protect your family. Speak to Attorney John (Jack) F. Rimmele Today. (908) 268-1472

What is the difference between Wills & Trusts and an Estate Plan?

Whiles Wills & Trusts are an essential aspect of any Estate Plan, an Estate Plan requires a number of documents to account for the unique financial, marital, parental and relational situations of each individual. The number of documents required will vary according to your situation, but Attorney John F. Rimmele gives the same level of attention and care to each and every one, ensuring that your wishes are followed and your legacy is protected.

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