Legal WillYour legacy deserves the power of your choices. Making important decisions now can help ease the burdens left to your loved ones when you pass.

Attorney John “Jack” F. Rimmele will work with you to strategize the handling of your assets among your heirs.

What is a Will?

A will or testament is a legal document by which an individual, the testator, names (an) executor(s) to manage their estate until their assets and property have been distributed according to the testator’s wishes.

Wills are probated with the surrogate in the county of residence. An experienced attorney can help you to compile a list of documents to simplify this process.

When Should You Prepare a Will?

All adults should have a will in place, if only a simple will to direct their loved ones as to their final wishes. However, there are important times during which one should be sure to have a will made – or updated.

• The Birth of a Child
• Marriage
• Divorce
• Becoming a Step-Parent
• Becoming a Grandparent
• Receiving Large Assets
• Receiving Large Sums of Money

Types of Wills

Simple Wills
– Directs the distribution of titled assets and properties.
– Assigns guardianship of minor children.

Complex Wills Include:
Joint Wills – Mutual Wills – Reciprocal Wills

These wills cover conditional cases between married couples on how to handle assets in the course of a specific order of events. (i.e one spouse passing before the other.)

Do I need an Estate Attorney to Write a Will?

While anyone can write a will, probate laws from state to state can be very cumbersome. Without following particular procedures, it is possible that your estate may be fined, or that some of your wishes may be ignored, including the possibility of accidentally disinheriting a loved one.

Further, an Attorney can help to ensure that your will remains updated as the dynamics of your family and your asset portfolio change.

A clearly written will and testament can help prevent unnecessary family stress and in-fighting.

What is the difference between a Will and an Estate Plan?

Estate Planning is the process of anticipating and arranging, during a person’s life, the management and distribution of that individual’s assets, as well as how to proceed in the event of incapacitation. To that end, a will is an integral part of an estate plan, but is just one of at least six documents required for an effective estate plan. Click here to learn more about the benefits of an Estate Plan.

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